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How Art keeps me sane!

Hi guys,

I have been thinking about posting this for a while, bit of a personal subject but hey ho, it needs to be put out there!

From a young age I have struggled with some very typical insecurities such as body image, feelings of anxiety and at very hard times even depression.
I remember often spending a lot of time on my own, with my own thoughts and negative feelings.
I used to always pick up a pen and a piece of paper at times like these. Somehow, even just scribbling something down would, rather then distract me, help me relax and think clearer.
I would just sit there in my own ‘zone’ writing and drawing for hours… I have soon realized that a lot of my drawings and poems have reflected how I felt at the time. I would often do this at times of emotional ‘bursts’ – write or draw really desperately fast, in order to let myself pour all these horrible feelings onto a piece of paper. Until I no longer felt like my soul was breaking. This worked for me every time.

This, unconsciously and very quickly became an event I found myself take part in more and more often.. For me, there is something about reflecting how I am feeling onto a physical material. I sometimes wonder how much of it is about control… Thinking about it, sometimes it is very hard to clear your head mentally, but having all these feelings on a piece of paper (literately or symbolically) allows to physically look at the issues… Which then could potentially be binned, after they’ve been dealt with. This again in a symbolic way, would be sorting and throwing unnecessary emotional confusion one could be going through.

My art helped so many emotional struggles, and I have created my art so many times due to an emotional crisis. Just as some art would not be created without painful situations, would not cope with painful situations without art… No wonder many people perceive artists as very sensitive and passionate, ay?

Gosh, I hope some of it makes sense, so hard to get out exactly what you need to say sometimes!

So here is where I want to know what you think. Have you ever had a creative idea or a piece of work inspired by your emotional state? Let me know how being creative helped you!

Krazy Kazzy xox

Ten biggest struggles of every creative person

  1. Getting inspired at the least expected moment and telling yourself ‘please not now, brain I have nowhere to write all this..’ and then completely forgetting what could have been the most amazing piece in your portfolio!
  2. Socializing is so difficult when you catch your self day dreaming 90 percent of the time..

    Sorry what are we talking about?
    Oh yes..

  3. Failure is just not an option when you can treat it as ‘experimental’ work and just another lesson learnt.
  4. That secret stash full of old boxes, scrap pieces of felt, broken jewelry and old wrapping paper… Because you just never know when the most amazing ideas start filling your head and you just wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity.
  5. When you’re told to get a real degree because you do art drama or dance…
  6.  Working all night on a piece because you just absolutely fell in love with an idea, and wanting to bin it the next day.
  7.  Life is not easy when you see potential in every little scrap of paper.
  8. When people confuse your creative thought process with procrastination…
  9. Boundaries? What boundaries? 😉

  10. Throwing a massive ‘hissy fit’ when you find out that your idea is already an idea..

    That’s all guys! Let me know what your creative struggles are and if you can relate to any of these!


Say no to stopping self expression!

As children we spend hours on end playing ‘pretend home/school’, playing dolls/cars, singing, dancing and drawing.. The truth is that all these ‘games’ teach us some amazing skills such us organization, planning, problem solving but most importantly how to express ourselves.

Just think about it, in terms of expression:
Pretend games – drama expression
Drawing – art expression
Singing and dancing – movement expression…

So So very important during emotional development!

So you say how is this going to help us in adulthood? Well, drama = performance, performance = getting confident in front of audience, getting confident in front of audience = potentially more comfortable with meetings, presentations and interviews.

An article states that “experts say there’s a strong connection between creative expression and overall wellbeing. Key components of the creative personality, like novelty-seeking and perseverance, are also good predictors of life satisfaction.

Then WHY, I repeat WHY are we ‘cutting out’ the opportunities for creative expression in schools????!!

I found this article some of you might find interesting on the subject of creative GCSE’s and how the opportunities are being closed off, ‘especially for poorer students’

The same goes for art, music and dance. Then if these are so beneficial to still practice in adulthood, why don’t we? It hard to find the time? Is it that we don’t want to act ‘silly’ or ‘stupid’ because it is socially unacceptable for adults to be silly and have fun ?

We need more education on the benefits of creativity in childhood and adulthood!

Let me know your thoughts and opinion on this matter, do you agree or think that arts are a waste of time anyway?…


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