1. Getting inspired at the least expected moment and telling yourself ‘please not now, brain I have nowhere to write all this..’ and then completely forgetting what could have been the most amazing piece in your portfolio!
  2. Socializing is so difficult when you catch your self day dreaming 90 percent of the time..

    Sorry what are we talking about?
    Oh yes..

  3. Failure is just not an option when you can treat it as ‘experimental’ work and just another lesson learnt.
  4. That secret stash full of old boxes, scrap pieces of felt, broken jewelry and old wrapping paper… Because you just never know when the most amazing ideas start filling your head and you just wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity.
  5. When you’re told to get a real degree because you do art drama or dance…
  6.  Working all night on a piece because you just absolutely fell in love with an idea, and wanting to bin it the next day.
  7.  Life is not easy when you see potential in every little scrap of paper.
  8. When people confuse your creative thought process with procrastination…
  9. Boundaries? What boundaries? 😉

  10. Throwing a massive ‘hissy fit’ when you find out that your idea is already an idea..

    That’s all guys! Let me know what your creative struggles are and if you can relate to any of these!