Hi guys,

I have been thinking about posting this for a while, bit of a personal subject but hey ho, it needs to be put out there!

From a young age I have struggled with some very typical insecurities such as body image, feelings of anxiety and at very hard times even depression.
I remember often spending a lot of time on my own, with my own thoughts and negative feelings.
I used to always pick up a pen and a piece of paper at times like these. Somehow, even just scribbling something down would, rather then distract me, help me relax and think clearer.
I would just sit there in my own ‘zone’ writing and drawing for hours… I have soon realized that a lot of my drawings and poems have reflected how I felt at the time. I would often do this at times of emotional ‘bursts’ – write or draw really desperately fast, in order to let myself pour all these horrible feelings onto a piece of paper. Until I no longer felt like my soul was breaking. This worked for me every time.

This, unconsciously and very quickly became an event I found myself take part in more and more often.. For me, there is something about reflecting how I am feeling onto a physical material. I sometimes wonder how much of it is about control… Thinking about it, sometimes it is very hard to clear your head mentally, but having all these feelings on a piece of paper (literately or symbolically) allows to physically look at the issues… Which then could potentially be binned, after they’ve been dealt with. This again in a symbolic way, would be sorting and throwing unnecessary emotional confusion one could be going through.

My art helped so many emotional struggles, and I have created my art so many times due to an emotional crisis. Just as some art would not be created without painful situations, would not cope with painful situations without art… No wonder many people perceive artists as very sensitive and passionate, ay?

Gosh, I hope some of it makes sense, so hard to get out exactly what you need to say sometimes!

So here is where I want to know what you think. Have you ever had a creative idea or a piece of work inspired by your emotional state? Let me know how being creative helped you!

Krazy Kazzy xox